Successful professional interviews with your team

  • Identify the purpose, issues and legal framework of the professional interview
  • Prepare and successfully conduct professional interviews professionnels
  • Make these interviews a real management and communication tool within the company

What is a professional interview ?

  • Objectives, issues and purposes
  • Statutory framework
  • Distinguish between the assessment interview and the professional interview

Conduct the interview

  • Foster dialogue through questioning and active listening
  • Support employees in the development of their professional project
  • Know how to orient towards the actor(s) orientation/ training adapted


  • MCQ
  • Practical Case = Training with professional maintenance guides
  • Role-playing = Job interview simulations
  • Limited number of participants to deepen practices and answer individual questions
  • Contributions of tools and knowledge
  • Exchange of experience and situations

Before : Assess learners’ initial knowledge

  • Assessment of prerequisites during a telephone or physical discovery interview with the trainer
  • Assessment of the knowledge at the beginning of the training, a test in the form of MCQ makes it possible to situate the level of appropriation of the topic targeted by the training

During : Continuously assess and validate understanding

During the training, the trainees are subjected to situations, practical exercises, exchanges on their professional practices in an active and participatory pedagogy

After, IMMEDIATE REACTION : Assessing Knowledge and Satisfaction

Assessment of satisfaction in order to measure the participants’ satisfaction with the achievement of the objectives and the quality of the training

Number of days : 1 Day

Number of hours : 7h

Place of production :

  • Online
  • In co-working organization/space
  • Inter/Intra enterprises

Training cost : 499€ incl tax